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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Computer Help


Is computer help on your list?  Are you struggling to keep your computer running?

Are you tired of lugging your desktop to those computer help places because they charge too much for an onsite visit?Here at Cybertooth Tech, we don't believe getting the onsite computer repair you need should cost extra.

Our experienced technicians can be at your door in 24 hours, eager to solve even your worst headaches!

Is your computer slow? Does it have a virus? We can help make your old warhorse useful again!

We laugh every time we see it.  Another ex-customer of those geeks who spent $300 just for them to show up!  Riding around in brand new vans or VW Bugs.  Customers don't understand!  They paid for those new cars and vans!  They paid for the marketing!  They paid for the building!  Why?

What is REAL Computer Help?

  • Good computer help is arriving ready to work and not wasting time with unneeded chatter.
  • Great computer help is answering your questions truthfully.
  • Awesome computer help is teaching you how to do it yourself!


When did your last computer repair company teach you how to to fix something yourself?

They don't want to because then you'll stop spending money!


Facts About Computer Help

  • Fact: The computer repair you need isn't expensive.
  • Fact: The BEST computer help shouldn't be a monthly expense.  If you follow our directions, a short one hour service call per year is all you will need to keep your computer running at it's best.
  • Fact: Honest computer companies won't ask you to purchase a new computer every 3 years.  A great computer should last at least 6 years of hard use.
  • Fact: Top computer parts come with a 3 year manufacturers warranty.  Why did your last computer company only give you a 1 year warranty?
  • Fact: A great company will give you new and used options.  Do you want to pay double for new parts?


When you've finished toying with all the other guys out there, call us at 636-399-6327.  Normally, we will have a technician at your door within 24 hours, FOR FREE.

That's right, we don't charge a trip charge within 50 miles of Union, Missouri (never have, never will).



You have absolutely no risk!  Call us today and have your computer help tomorrow!


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