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Saturday, November 28, 2015

IT Consulting

IT Consulting Washington MoNew technology doesn't have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive. Good technology will have rock solid reliability, be easy to manage and produce a good rate of return on investment.

Cybertooth Tech will help you identify your current IT Consulting challenges, design a solution, then implement that solution within budget.

That's all well and good, but how can technology help my business?



IT Consulting Solution #1

For example, a great customer of ours was getting slammed with offshore failed logins. To put it simply, someone was trying to hack his network!

While good firewalls start out at about $1,200, we decided to try a different route. We used an existing, retired computer the customer had and installed IPCOP. This cool little FREE firewall is very user-friendly and makes stopping the bad guys pretty easy!

IT Consulting Solution #2

Another perfect example of the proper use of technology is a client named Roger. Roger owns a great family owned company, but several of his employees didn't seem to be pulling their weight. We installed a nifty program called Spector 360. Using Spector, Roger was able to identify:

  • What websites his employees were viewing
  • How much time they were spending on non work-related websites
  • Their work and personal email
  • What keystrokes they used to get the results (including passwords!)

He then viewed all the activity (like a video tape) and clicked a button to produce a report on each employee. He then had a meeting with each of his employees, reminding them of the Acceptable Use Policy and continued to monitor.

In the end, he was able to remove a few "bad apples", and reassign many job assignments to those who needed more work. This change also allowed him to not fill a retirement position that opened shortly thereafter.

IT Consulting Solution #3

A final great use of technology is a client with a small business with big dreams. He was ready to grow, but he couldn't seem to afford additional manpower or marketing efforts.

He already had purchased Windows Small Business Server 2008 but wasn't using any of the features built-in. By deploying Exchange 2007 across the organization, he was able to increase productivity by about 20% within the office saving approximately $32,000 that year. With that savings, his marketing efforts could be expanded.


There are thousands of ways IT Consulting can help your business expand, streamline and increase your bottom line.  From simple desktop cleanups, network installation and server configuration to email management, security assessments and internet marketing a great it consulting service can build your business from the ground up the right way.  Secure.  Reliable.  Scalable.  Powerful.

Technology is neat, but we love to see our customers using every bit of technology they can to get ahead. Don't just survive...THRIVE! Call us today and THRIVE!



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