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Tuesday, November 24, 2015


Home technology got you down?

We can fix that TODAY!

From computer repair to the family game system, Cybertooth Tech is here to make your life easy!

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Small Business

When small business technology goes down, profits quickly disappear.

From desktops to servers, mobile to marketing, computer repair to it consulting, we make business run more efficiently!

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Internet Marketing

The internet...god's gift to geeks!The web...easy to use, hard to master.

Cybertooth Tech can build your online billboard,then drive targeted customers to your door...ready to buy!

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Computer Help


Is computer help on your list?  Are you struggling to keep your computer running?

Are you tired of lugging your desktop to those computer help places because they charge too much for an onsite visit?Here at Cybertooth Tech, we don't believe getting the onsite computer repair you need should cost extra.

Our experienced technicians can be at your door in 24 hours, eager to solve even your worst headaches!

Is your computer slow? Does it have a virus? We can help make your old warhorse useful again!


IT Consulting

IT Consulting Washington MoNew technology doesn't have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive. Good technology will have rock solid reliability, be easy to manage and produce a good rate of return on investment.

Cybertooth Tech will help you identify your current IT Consulting challenges, design a solution, then implement that solution within budget.

That's all well and good, but how can technology help my business?


Budget IT

Budget IT Washington MoWe understand! Your IT Budget is tight, with taxes rising and inflation and higher overseas competition. We get it!

But if the same processes are losing you money, why keep up the same charade? That's silly!

Cybertooth Tech can guide you through the technology mess and create an intelligent, structured IT Budget that increases your productivity yet is gentle on your bottom line.


Increasing Productivity

Increasing Productivity Cybertooth TechBusiness owners and management pride themselves on knowing everything about their respective companies. If this is true, can you honestly answer these questions?
True or False
I know everything going on in the organization without having to be there.

When I go on vacation, the business will go on without me.

I do not have to go to meetings to feel "in the loop".


Our Service Area

As a local computer service provider, we do a lot of house calls.   While remote computer repair has its place, no one can beat a friendly, honest, expert computer technician.  These experts provide top-notch computer support, knowledgeable answers and a perspective of your life no offsite computer support professional can.

Remote or Onsite Computer Help?

Just like your plumber, Cybertooth Tech can't be onsite nationwide (without losing the quality control battle).  This means we must set boundaries separating who we can serve and who we cannot serve without some kind of compensation for our time and travel expenses.   The risk of a "no boundaries" service area is great; dedicate time and resources to creating the absolute best customer experience for our "local" customers or try and serve the whole nation and risk losing your bread and butter.

The choice was as clear cut as sugar and salt.  We chose to provide our local computer services to our local clients, and help out some distant friends as time permitted.

A Long Distance Case in Point

We have a great customer in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, about a 3 hour drive from our headquarters in Union, Missouri.  They have 15 computers, a server and 3 locations.  We are able to keep their network running pretty well; however some hardware issues must be troubleshooted onsite.  Once per month we drive down for a full day.  We troubleshoot problems, install updates and work on "the list" of little issues here and there that crop up.  Because they wait until the beginning of the month to bring us all their little problems, we have cut them a deal; fill the day and we won't charge a trip charge or any mileage.

This works great for this customer, as we have several spare computers all ready to go for them.  They just have to plugin and go.

The agreement works for us as I love the scenic drive, get to catch up with great folks and my day is filled with work.  Everyone wins!


The Map

As you can see from the map, we have customers in almost every town within 50 miles of Union, Missouri.  We also serve 25 or so businesses outside of 50 miles as needed.  Many times a new customer is a referral.  This means we almost have an obligation to take care of these referrals, no matter where they are at.  Yes, I even went 350 miles one way to take care of a commercial client referral several years ago.


The Service Area (No Trip Charge)


Computer Service Area | Cybertooth Tech


A Trip Charge By Any Other Name Still Costs Money

Most local computer companies charge a trip charge, mileage or an onsite fee when they arrive at your location to fix your computer, laptop, network or server.  This fee is meant to compensate the company for the time and expenses onsite service entails.

We don't feel charging an onsite, trip or mileage fee is a great way to make our customers happy.  So, when I started this company the trip fee is the first item I crossed off the to-do list.

Can you believe, some local computer service companies charge their customers a mileage fee from where the technician was located prior?  That's crazy!  If the technician was in Belleville, Illinois and then had to drive to Rolla, Missouri for his next call, the company wouldn't charge the Rolla customer mileage from Union.  No, they would charge from Belleville, Illinois!  At $0.35 per mile the trip charge would be and extra $43.75!

One company I know of charges an onsite fee and a mileage fee.  Talk about beating up the customer!  The previous Belleville to Rolla service call would cost the customer almost $100 before the computer technician even did anything!  Nuts!

Missouri Towns We Service

The map can be confusing.  "Will you go here?" "Is this too far?".  To solve all these riddles, we decided to list every Missouri town we service regularly.  This will hopefully end the confusion.

AllentonMO63001GasconadeMO65036New MelleMO63365
ArnoldMO63010GeraldMO63037O FallonMO63366
AugustaMO63332GlencoeMO63038Old MonroeMO63369
BallwinMO63011Gray SummitMO63039OlneyMO63370
BelgradeMO63622Hawk PointMO63349Park HillsMO63601
BellflowerMO63333HematiteMO63047Portage Des SiouxMO63373
BlandMO65014High HillMO63350RhinelandMO65069
Bonne TerreMO63628High RidgeMO63049RichwoodsMO63071
BridgetonMO63044House SpringsMO63051RosebudMO63091
CadetMO63630ImperialMO63052Saint AlbansMO63073
CaledoniaMO63631IrondaleMO63648Saint AnnMO63074
CatawissaMO63015JonesburgMO63351Saint CharlesMO63301
Cedar HillMO63016KimmswickMO63053Saint ClairMO63077
ChamoisMO65024LabadieMO63055Saint JamesMO65559
CherryvilleMO65446Lake Saint LouisMO63367Saint LouisMO63101
ChesterfieldMO63005LeadwoodMO63653Saint PetersMO63376
Cook StationMO65449LeasburgMO65535SilexMO63377
Crystal CityMO63019LiguoriMO63057SteedmanMO65077
De SotoMO63020Loose CreekMO65054TiffMO63674
Earth CityMO63045Maryland HeightsMO63043UnionMO63084
EurekaMO63025Mineral PointMO63660Valles MinesMO63087
FentonMO63026MokaneMO65059Valley ParkMO63088
FestusMO63028Montgomery CityMO63361VichyMO65580
FletcherMO63030MorrisonMO65061Villa RidgeMO63089
FlinthillMO63346Morse MillMO63066WarrentonMO63383
FlorissantMO63031Moscow MillsMO63362WashingtonMO63090
FoleyMO63347Mount SterlingMO65062WentzvilleMO63385
ForistellMO63348New FlorenceMO63363WescoMO65586
French VillageMO63036New HavenMO63068WilliamsburgMO63388
Wright CityMO63390